Act Now To Refinance Your Home Before New Regulations Are Appealed

The President's administration has recently passed a new program to allow Americans to refinance their current homes at historically low rates while reducing the amount they owe. This new program, referred to as the Home Affordable Plan, has allowed many Americans to save over $12,000 a year! At the present time, this program is widely available for most Americans to take advantage of. The catch - Both banks and financial institutions are already attempting to repeal this new program which may leave only a small window of time for many Americans to take advantage of the current policy…and the potential savings!

Many consumer organizations, including ourselves, are strongly encouraging consumers to act fast because of the uncertain timeline available to existing home owners to refinance with these new, lower rates and even take cash out of the equity in their homes.

Recommendation: Take Action Now - Refinance Your House

*RESEARCH: Take advantage of new Home Affordable Program before any appeals. Lower your payments drastically. Approve any resident with any credit type. Rates as low as 3.044% APR. , No SSN required

If you owe less then $729,000 on your mortgage, you qualify for the Making Home Affordable © (MHA) Program. This program is a critical part of the Obama Administration's broad strategy to help homeowners lower their monthly mortgage payments and get into more stable loans at today's low rates.

Under this new plan, the government has forced banks to cut your mortgage payments by up to $12,000 a year. Clearly, not all banks want you to know this for several reasons. First, ANY home owner is pre-approved! Secondly, ANY credit type is also approved. Its encouraged that you act fast - there is a limited time available to refinance your house at these historically low refinance rates (as low as 3.044% APR) which will allow you to drastically lower your mortgage payments and even take cash out of the equity in your house.

Home Affordable Plan Benefits - Outlined Below:

  • Lower your monthly payments.
  • Drastically lower your interest rates.
  • Take cash out - exercise the equity in your home.
  • Deferment of 1-2 mortgage payments
  • Supplemental income for Senior Citizens based on equity value of home (some limitations).
  • Get help if unemployed or even previously unemployed.
  • Get assistance with a Second Mortgage.

One of the largest and most credible institutions, XXXX Company, is offering new programs to enroll Americans in the Making Home Affordable plan. Their loan specialists are some of the most experienced in the industry with respect to these new government regulations. Each loan specialist is able to quickly review all options and solutions to refinance your home under this new program. ACT FAST - these regulations could be repealed in the near term leaving this window of opportunity of savings to close. Put more of your money back in your pocket.

Take advantage of this new program and refinance your home today.

Find out how you could start the process to refinance your house today:

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Loop-Hole #1 – Get Your Free Credit Report

*RESEARCH: Can drastically reduce rates for all Loop-Holes. All 3 Credit Bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian) for free

As we researched these Loop-Holes, one trick we learned that helped saving money even more and even taking advantage of these Loop-Holes is having a decent credit score. Your credit score is not necessary or needed for the Loop-Holes, but if it can greatly enhance your savings, why not be equipped with it and know where you stand?

These companies WILL NOT ASK you for your credit score, but the trick is…ask them “What further discounts do you offer for a good credit score”. Again, these companies do not expose discounts to consumers, so knowing these tricks is crucial.

What we found out is that if you have a credit score of 620 and above, you can greatly decrease refinance rates and even put more money in your pocket. You can also qualify for lower rates for home warranty, health insurance, and even auto auto insurance. Why? Because these companies see you as a longer lasting customer with a decent credit score.

To equip yourself with all the ammunition to enhance these Loop-Holes, we found a free way to get your credit report and score. The largest and most credible credit report company, is offering a promotion to receive your credit report and score for free. Take advantage of this offer and be prepared with your credit re12ort to get greater savings. This service gives your report from all three bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

2 minutes to get your free credit report and score

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Loop-Hole #2 – Auto Insurance $9/Week

*RESEARCH: From $9/Week. Average Savings of $900/Year. Limited Enrollment Per State

Nearly every American has a car, and is why our researched Loop-Hole for auto insurance is number two on our list. Of course, auto insurance is a necessary evil: you know you can’t live without it, and yet you hope that you never have to use it. As a result, it’s just another bill that shows up month-to-month, and gets paid without much thought.

However, it’s time to take action to reduce the cost of your car insurance. What if you or your state qualifies for as low as $9.00 a week auto insurance plan and you don’t even know it? Did you know you can qualify for this rate instantly if you have not had a DUI or accident in 2 years? Most American consumers are not aware that state regulations have been passed to award good drivers with these low rates. Fact: Changing policies can actually save you hundreds or more dollars per year—and it only takes minutes.

We researched many companies and solutions that can provide you with competitive rates from a wide selection of auto insurance companies. At these sites, you simply type in your requirements—as well as city, state, car, and age—and you will instantly receive quotes from multiple reputable insurance companies.

But the most aggressive and comprehensive of these sites that we found is In fact, Insurance Discount Direct’s rates were almost 35% lower than all other websites. This free website, will allow you to find the most aggressive auto insurance quotes from a wide array of top insurers. Additionally, Insurance Discounts Direct was the only website that provided real-time quotes to save the maximum amount of money. This is extremely important as rates are always fluctuating.

Hidden Fact: Auto insurance rates are constantly in flux, and as a result the rates for policies may have actually declined over the past year or so. By taking just a few moments at, you can find out how much money you can be saving—something your current insurance company definitely won’t tell you.

2 minutes could save you hundreds of dollars off your Auto Insurance

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Loop-Hole #3 – New Eliminate Debt Program

*RESEARCH: Limited to 43 states. Exposed New Programs. Legally Eliminate Your Debt and avoid bankruptcy. $10,000 and above in debt qualifies

With so many Americans in debt, our researched debt Loop-Hole ranks number four on our list. By many experts’ calculations without new debt programs, it could take decades for Americans to pay off their $5,000 or more credit card debt by just making little more than the minimum payments. Today, the average American household averages over $20,000 in debt and institutions and creditors know they can never pay this debt back. The Loop-Hole Passed? To help Americans in a recession and boost the economy, there is a new program available that evaluates if you have to pay any of your debt. The program has been successful getting millions of Americans out of debt, however has limited enrollment per state. The catch? Banks and financial institutions are already trying to appeal this new program and it might be a small window of time for Americans to take advantage of this new debt program.

Is the Debt Loop-Hole available in your state?

This program was previously available in only 25 states, but with new regulations passed, the program is now available in 43 states. With this new program, consumers pre-qualify to wipe their debt clean if they have $10,000 in debt.

See if your state qualifies to enroll and eliminate your debt

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